Meet the Author

I have always wanted to do this. I have always wanted to share with people my perspectives and lessons on some selected topics as you see on this blog or would soon see. I have not always wanted to share because I believed that my perspectives and lessons were the best to be adopted but because I believe in the power of sharing ideas, engaging discussions, asking questions, debating a topic etc. I believe people learn faster and better this way.

I am not negating the fact that there would be times when what I believe to be the right thing and that is because my thoughts, ideas, are based upon the thought pattern of a supreme King of whom I am an ambassador.

Also on this blog you would find some helpful resources from other writers, bloggers and different varieties.

At this juncture, I welcome you to Henzoegroup. I hope you find something resourceful, insightful and beneficial to your reason for paying us a visit. Above all of these desires, I believe you would find something to discuss on, ponder upon and understand better as we share.

Henry Tugbiyele

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