i really dont Know a Title for This. you can suggest one for me

Oh Yes! I said that!

Don’t you think we do need to carry out a Gender Test?


You don’t even know what I mean. (Smiles)

I was scrolling throw pictures of a model on the internet of recent. I was ‘wowed’ by such beauty, then I returned back to see the Headline of what I was reading, I realized the really pretty ‘lady’ I was wowed by her beauty was a transgender. She was a Man before until she changed her Gender.

Sincerely, I’ve gotten over the goose bumps I used to have when I see or hear about someone who is transgender. Back then, I used to wonder, ‘What Is This’?

But now, its not as though I’m ok with transgender but there are no more culture shocks again.

So, all of these got me thinking. What if someone like me who doesn’t embrace ‘Transgenderism’. (As I have chosen to call it), becomes in love with ‘a lady’ and maybe even gets married to ‘her’ not knowing she was a man some while ago.

Getting married to such would indirectly make me embrace ‘Transgenderism’ and even Homosexuality because in the real sense of it all, that ‘Lady’ is a Man no matter what he has chosen to call himself.

So henry what happens when you meet a transgender person?

Well, we can relate, communicate, chat, laugh together but I’m not going to marry you. I owe all Humans on earth Love but not Commitment.

Really, with the way things are turning out in the world, we may soon start getting confused on who was From Birth a particular gender and not. Though in Africa, or let me speak for Nigeria, marriage is not just about the man and woman but both the intending couples look into the family and history of such for more and proper understanding of your to – be spouse. This may help in really knowing the real background of the fellow you’re in Love with.

But for those who may not have this in their Society/culture or as an alternative, can we start doing Tests to know the original sex of an individual?

**In case you are Transgender reading this, and you think I’m discriminating. Please I’m not. As a human I have the right to get married according to what I believe and so do you. So this post is for those who may be quite confused as I am on knowing who was Originally of a Particular sex.

I need to hear your thoughts on this. Let’s Discuss and not Discriminate.


3 thoughts on “i really dont Know a Title for This. you can suggest one for me

  1. I agree with you on one point , we should be aware about the person and that family to which your spouse belongs to no matter what sex they belong to. It will create depth and love in your relationship. I think your “disclaimer ” at the end of the post , shows that you are not against transgenders , and do not vote against them . Not many would have done that πŸ™‚

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