Gods Gift of A Wife

I always like to tell single men that any man can find a wife! Unfortunately, many single men are careless in their pursuit for a wife that they don’t consider God’s opinion on the matter. They tend to say “well, the bible says as long as I have found a wife, i have obtained favour”. Very true but it does not mean you should not be wise even in your pursuit of that woman who is designed to add colour and beauty to your life. How can you take a long term decision without God’s guidance? Don’t follow the worlds way or advice on how to find the one woman who is to be an agent of favour in your life (proverbs 18:22), follow God’s way alone. Please and please, don’t be careless! Yes, you must be alert in your mission to find her (after all, that is your task) but ensure that you are allowing God to lead you all the way. You may make the approach but seek God to give the direction and keep asking Him to confirm your decision, step by step. Don’t be led by vain things, be concerned about God’s gift of a wife specially for you. Please don’t get caught up in marrying by all means that you ‘mis-marry’ and spend your energy (that could be better invested in focusing on running after your vision in life), on running helter skelter to fix a faulty foundation – that is the exact picture of many married couples as you read this. The worth of a wife is so important that the bible tells us that although fathers can leave houses and wealth for their children, the value of those material possessions is limited; a prudent wife from God outweighs them all (proverbs 19:14). So while He expects you to find your wife, in your finding, keep asking Him to still be 100% part of it all so that you don’t miss the treasure of a wife that only He can give – that is your only assurance to true marital rest!

Culled from: Crisis Proof Your Family


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