Breaking Up with The Single Life – Paul Thomas Bell

This isn’t a competition! Sharing ideas isn’t. Its my desire to share my thoughts, perspectives, ideologies, beliefs and experiences with you but importantly, to share all of these through the voices of others.

Paul Thomas Bell (PTB) who I would call my new friend and social colleague (I recently discovered his spot and its been interesting) well… Among so many of his thoughts and share of experiences, he discussed on how its really been seen this days as insufficient to be Single.

…You know what?

I should just drop thr mic (or pen… Sorry… keypad) lol or whatever and pass it on to PTB as he shares.

    I’ve never claimed to be a dating expert, my words stem from experience (the good and the bad) and it is experience which has made me sit down and type today. I’ve always been quite an emotional person, I feel everything. Today I feel like I’ve hurt people, not because I’ve done something bad but because I am the way I am – complicated, too much in my own head, non-committal.

    I’ve spoken previously about the pressures people put upon themselves to find love, to find the one, to settle down. It consumes us. I myself was a quiet kid up until the age of 18 and had never really even had a proper girlfriend, fasttrack ten years and I’ve wracked up 7 or 8 relationships and spent a grand total of 5 months being single in the space of ten years. This is where my experience comes from and what drives me to help others learn from my mistakes.

    The point I’m getting at is that being single doesn’t have to be a negative thing. I’ve heard loved ones speak about being single as if it were a disability. This of course is complete nonsense. I ask myself how many of my ask myself how many of my relationships I regret, I try not to regret much in life but there’s certainly 3 or 4 i could’ve done without. Learn to value the positives of being single – self development and discovery and finding out what you actually want in life. These are the things which can help lead to long-term happiness. What is it they say ‘short-term pain, long-term gain’? I truly believe this can be applied to dating. I always champion the idea of loving yourself before you can love someone else but perhaps I’ve too often been guilty of not following my own advice but trust me it will make life a lot smoother. Then when the time comes for that long-awaited relationship you’ll feel like Rocky reaching the top of the steps (somewhere I’ve been take a jacket it’s freezing).

    What happens when we put too much pressure on ourselves to meet someone? We end up with the wrong person. Simple as that. Have faith that the right person will come at the right time and make the most of being single, if you do breaking up with it will be harder than you ever thought possible.

    “Trust the path you’re on, if you don’t
    nothing makes sense.” – Paolo Coelho

*emphasis mine

Culled from Paul Thomas Bell


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