Husband is the wife’s Provider, Priest and Protector. Therefore stand up and protect your wife and defend your marriage from external forces. You and your wife are one. Your friends and family may not like it but that is really not your problem. Your wife takes first priority before any friend or family member except God.

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Marrying the woman you love is good. But loving the woman you married, now that is special. Someone said “A happy man marries the woman he loves. But a happier man loves the woman he marries.”

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It is better to celebrate the little victories your spouse is making, than to point out every little failure. Choose to be your spouse’s greatest encourager, not their worst critic.

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Date your Spouse

Oh yeah! You heard me right! You should date your Spouses! Before you both got married, you were great lovers, great friends, you both went on some nice dates, you both played some very funny games together. Actually, this and many more things were what brought you both together I’m of the opinion that its […]

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Work it Out

Any marriage can work if both spouses have the audacious commitment to stick together & make their marriage work. Every marriage faces difficult obstacles & formidable challenges. But only couples that stick together & pray together always stay together for ever.

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