Being single doesn’t mean your ugly or undesirable … it means you are strong enough to wait on the right person! #truth #shareifyoucare – Joshua Feuerstein

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Go ahead! Ask her Out!

I must start off here by saying that this is meant for people who are Ready to Date  but have something holding them back. Majorly fear! Debra Fileta shares reasons why Christian Guys need to ask a Girl Out. Christian men need to go ahead and ask a girl out. And here are just a […]

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Q: “I’ve heard it said you should wait on God. Should I ‘wait on God’ to find me a spouse, or should I get out there and date?” I received this question from a reader struggling with understanding what it means to wait on God. What does it mean to wait on God when you are single, and hoping to find love? When you’re […]

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