The Key To A good Reationship

There is no soul mate or best friend out there who will solve every one of your problems. There is no love at first sight that lasts without work and commitment. But there are, however, people out there worth fighting for. Not because they’re perfect, but because they’re imperfect in all ways that are right for you. You complement each other’s flaws in a way that allows your souls to unite and operate more efficiently as one. You will know when you meet one of these people, when through them you meet the very best in yourself. – Unknown

Culled from Positive Outlooks Blog

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Captivating Woman

In this generation of people building certain kinds of reputations that has even diffused to our physique, people tend to care more about their physical appearance rather than who I would call their inner-man. Caring about your physical body and its loooks is very necessary but kIts not cool when you become obsessed with it. […]

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Gods Gift of A Wife

I always like to tell single men that any man can find a wife! Unfortunately, many single men are careless in their pursuit for a wife that they don’t consider God’s opinion on the matter. They tend to say “well, the bible says as long as I have found a wife, i have obtained favour”. […]

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identify the Difference

There’s a difference between working out a relationship that you’re (typically happy in), thats going through a rough patch – compared to – staying in a bad relationship (that you’re typically unhappy in) in an attempt to force things to work out. The key is being able to identify the difference. Your loved ones, co-workers, and friends can tell you are hurting. Don’t let circumstances like (children together, time you’ve spent with a person, or not wanting to see them with someone else), keep you in an relationship that you know the majority of the time your not happy/miserable in. You deserve that happiness of a good relationship.

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